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Evil Is Stirring Here

and sometimes I am stirred with it

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FSR -- The Darkest Lord of Modern Times
Hot Russian guy who thinks far too much of himself. *winks* He has faith, which means he is faithful. And he loves reading, which makes him a reader. That’s why he is faithfulreader

faithfulreader does fascinate me, because I can't figure him out. He's got clashing characteristics that shouldn't be occurring within the same person -- Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson)

"I can do whatever I want!"
"No," Harry said, "you can't."
"What gives you the right to tell me what to do?" Draco snarled.
"I love you," Harry said. "That's what."

Cassandra Claire (cassandraclare) -- Draco Veritas

And that was it. Apparently that was supposed to be enough. He should kill Warrick for that alone, for expecting Toreth to just accept that pathetic apology as recompense for scaring the living fuck out of him. But somehow, with Warrick in front of him -- alive, touchable, safe, not in an interrogation room -- the anger stubbornly refused to reappear.

Manna (manna) -- First Against The Wall

I thought for a moment about the note. I would have liked to have kept it sewn inside my shirt, next to my heart -- yes, I was in a bad way by then -- but I knew that there was no place on myself or in the cell where the note would not eventually be found.
I ate the note. It tasted better than my breakfast did.

Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson) -- Life Prison

FSR hasn’t contributed much to fandom. The two things written by him that are somewhat worth reading include his infamous Slasher’s Guide to Gay Sex and his critique on Minotaur’s guide for slash writers.

FSR wants to warn that his live journal contains materials inappropriate for minors. So, if you’re a minor he asks you to return to this live journal when you’re of age.

And lastly, he wants to say that it’s perfectly all right to friend him, because he is always open to new friends and acquaintances. Even if he had major disagreements with you in the past, he would love to accept you as his friend. *grins*

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