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Slasher's Guide to Gay Sex


When I entered fandom and learned the word slash I was very much surprised that girls were writing it. Lots and lots of it. And for writing it, I want to say: thank you!


But in describing relationships/sex scenes between guys my dear female co-fandomers make some mistakes. Well, if it were not so, I would have been even more surprised.


This post is meant to help female slashers in writing gay sex.


This post reflects no more than my most humble opinion, and it’s completely up to you whether to listen to me or not. But I think that hearing me out won’t hurt fandom in any way.


Also I think that it’s much more helpful to hear one gay man’s account on what gay sex is rather than a bunch of statistics. Remember that statistics has potential to prove whatever you want it to. As Nietzsche said, ‘Truth is a kind of misunderstanding that is used for gaining power.’


Please note that this post is an edited version of all of my previous posts.




Slasher’s Guide to Gay Sex:

one gay man’s perspective




If you are underage, please, go and have underage fun.

You are welcome to return to this post when you are of age.




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came here from a resources post on a Glee-based community! Thanks for this, it's excellent!
Hey! Thanks for your comment and sorry for not replying earlier! I was on hols. Happy New Year!
Hey there. I found your guides through the Kurt_Blaine community. I just want to say that I think they are awesome.

I was wondering if you could friend me so that I could read your friends locked guides. Thank you.
Hi! Thanks for your comment! I was on hols and that's why it took me soooo long to reply. Sure, I can friend you back! :)
This was absolutely fantastic! Some of the things you wrote about I never even knew so thank you so much for writing this and please friend I would love to read some of your other stuff. :D
Hey! Sorry for not replying earlier! I have just returned from my holiday.

*friends back*

Thanks for your comment and happy New Year! :)
Hello! I stumbled upon your LJ after deciding to do more research into gay sex, and I have to say that I am quite glad I did. I had a good laugh over the cliche things that I remember from doing back in the day (which thankfully I've grown out of during the evolution of my writing experience). The comments left by others with differing opinions, as well as your responses, only furthered my appreciation for your writing and your maturity. We as readers need to temper our learning with discretion and discernment, just as we as writers need to continue to learn through the (hopefully constructive) criticism of others using the same methods, and I get the feeling that you have a pretty good handle on both. This only makes you all the more admirable.

I would love to be able to read your friends-locked entries and link you on my writing journal, if that's okay? Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your wonderful guide!
Thanks a lot for your nice comment! I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I was on holiday.

Of course, I can friend you back!

Happy New Year!
I really liked this. Quite helpful as well:)
Thank you for posting!
Thank you for your comment! I am glad you found my guide useful. :)
This was incredibly insightful and I'm interested in reading the practical lessons as well. Could you please friend me so I may continue my education and broaden my writing horizons. Many Thanx.
Thanks for the comment! Sure I can friend you back. :)
will you friend me back please? this guide is like...i dunno ...the bible...really interesting, informative and helpul.

thank you
Thanks for your comment! I have friended you back, so enjoy the practical part! :)
Would very much like to read your practical guides. I am a fairly new writer of slash and not a gay male so the information would definitely come in handy. It would be nice to write stuff that didn't sound insane.

Thanks for taking the time to write this, it's very kind of you.

Not sure if you need an age statement, but I'm way over 18. That's what first got me started reading slash...the het was all being written by 12 year olds and the quality was totally abysmal. It seems that the age of the slash writers is a bit older and they usually can spell and have decent grammar. It's a nice change.

Thanks for your comment! Sorry for not replying earlier. I was on holiday.

*friends back*


6 years ago


6 years ago

I found your introduction "Slasher’s Guide to Gay Sex" very interesting and would love to read the practical lessons.

Would you friend me back, please? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your comment!

*friends back*
Oh wow this guide is very intersting!! Now I feel like I should change the only sex scene I wrote...I think I made some mistakes *blushes*

It would be interesting to read your pratical lessons, can you friend me back? Thanks
Thanks for your comment! I am happy that you found my guide interesting.

*friends back*
Bonjour !

Je sais que tu parles très bien français, alors j'en profite un peu :) .

Je t'envoie ce message pour t'avertir que nous avons rédigé, avec une petite équipe, un guide du gay-sex (et du slash/yaoi) pour les auteurs de slash/yaoi français et que j'ai mis le lien vers ton guide à la fin, dans la catégorie des "liens utiles". Ton guide m'a d'ailleurs beaucoup servi pour l'élaboration de ce guide.

Le lien vers le guide français du gay sex est donc ici : guide du gay-sex (avec le lien vers ton propre guide), mais ce n'est qu'une partie d'un guide plus complet, avec le guide du lemon yaoi associé.
Sinon, étant donné que ce guide est une commande qui nous a été faite par le site fanfic-fr, à l'origine, il est aussi posté là-bas : guide sur fanfic-fr (mais il faut être inscrit et connecté à ce site pour pouvoir lire ce post).

C'est donc pour te prévenir et te remercier aussi !

Merci beaucoup!! xD
Could you please friend me? I'm currently writing a QAF fic. I'm on chapter 44 now, there's just one more left to finish. But I may have done some mistakes you mentioned and I'd like very much to edit the scenes and correct them.
It's just a fanfic, but I want it to be as good and true as it can be.
Thank you.
Thanks for your comment and sorry for taking soooooo long to reply. I hope you find the practical part useful! xD

Deleted comment

Hey! Thanks for your comment!
Радует, что ваш блог постоянно развивается. Такие посты только прибавляют популярности.
Hello, thank you for your interesting guide. Can you please friend me?
Hi! The practical lessons are now open
Could we be friends? I really want to read your friend locked entries. I've friended you 8D
Hi! The posts are now open
User adeveraux referenced to your post from Slashers Gide to Gay Sex saying: [...] of help for some K/S-Writers or Slashwriters. :-) http://faithfulreader.livejournal.com/13008.html [...]
Hello :3
I came here after someone posted the link to your LJ in the KirkSpock-Com.
A few months ago, I started to write Slash on my own for a small German Fandom. And now I know, that I surely made some mistakes ;) So I would be very very happy if you could friend me and open your 'practical lessons' for me :)
Hallo! The practical parts are now open
Hello! I found your guide through the Kirk/Spock comm. ...Aaaaand now I'm hooked on learning more. XD I'm totally guilty of writing some of the stuff you mentioned, but hey, you gotta start learning somewhere, right?

Would you mind friending me, please? I'd love to read your other guides. :D Thank you!
Hi! Thanks for your comment! The practical parts are now open
I don't care how much sex you have lube is important. Being fucked dry hurts and generally leads to tearing and bleeding.
It depends. People are different. Some people need more lube, others less. Usually there is need for only a little bit.
I have friended you. I would love to be able to read your posts.
Hi! The posts are now open
Hey there, I found this guide so informative and helpful, thanks! I stumbled upon this guide at the Kirk/Spock community, and while my fandom tends to have higher-than-normal quality fic, some of us could use tips like these. After all, we learned to write slash from reading slash, not from interviewing actual gay men. (:
Thanks for your comment! Happy that you found the guide helpful XD
Adding myself to all those friends requests, and just to say I've tweeted your link to my fellow slashfic writers.
The posts are now open.
Mind friending me? I've been trying to write slash for a while, but it never comes out quite right, so I end up scrapping it before it can get anywhere.
Hi! The posts are now open
Adeveraux posted a link to this amazing guide to writing good (hopefully great!) fic sex scenes - and better writing in general, and I'm hoping you'll friend me so I can read the 'friends only' posts! Thanks!!!
Hi! Thanks for your comment! The posts are now open.
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