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Slasher's Guide to Gay Sex


When I entered fandom and learned the word slash I was very much surprised that girls were writing it. Lots and lots of it. And for writing it, I want to say: thank you!


But in describing relationships/sex scenes between guys my dear female co-fandomers make some mistakes. Well, if it were not so, I would have been even more surprised.


This post is meant to help female slashers in writing gay sex.


This post reflects no more than my most humble opinion, and it’s completely up to you whether to listen to me or not. But I think that hearing me out won’t hurt fandom in any way.


Also I think that it’s much more helpful to hear one gay man’s account on what gay sex is rather than a bunch of statistics. Remember that statistics has potential to prove whatever you want it to. As Nietzsche said, ‘Truth is a kind of misunderstanding that is used for gaining power.’


Please note that this post is an edited version of all of my previous posts.




Slasher’s Guide to Gay Sex:

one gay man’s perspective




If you are underage, please, go and have underage fun.

You are welcome to return to this post when you are of age.




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Hi there! I was wondering if you could friend me so I could read your Practical Lessons, pretty please? I'd love to read them. *g*
Hi! Sorry it has taken me so long: I moved to another country (Finland) a week ago, so I had very little time.

*friends back*

PS. You might also search on my Live Journal stories about my adventures in Paris. They could be rather useful for a slasher, I think.
hi, could you friend me back? :D i'd love to read those practical lessons. and thank you for this guide 8D
Hi! It's very nice meeting you! You know why? Because I am currently living in Finland and I am going to Stockholm sometime in the next month! :)


PS. You could also read stories about my sex adventures in Paris - they are somewhere on my Live Journal.


8 years ago


8 years ago

I mentioned it when someone on fanficrants said that there should be a guide to slash out somewhere.

Oh, thank you! :))
Might I be able to be friended back to read your friends locked entries? I'm intrigued to read on.
Sure! *friends*

Oh, you are from the Netherlands! I was in Amsterdam about three weeks ago! ;))


8 years ago


8 years ago

Someone at fanficrants mentioned this, so I popped over to take a look. I feel quite enlightened :0) I've seen a lot of what you've written about in fanfic and it's nice to have the misconceptions addressed. I've recommended this to a fandom writer who is compiling a writing resource list (here).

Thanks for writing this up and making it available to the public - I'm sure others will find it useful as well.
Thank you!
Found you on FFR; please friend me so I can read your analyses.
I would be delighted to friend you back! :)
Someone on little_details recced this. Would you mind friending me so I can read your Practical Lessons?
No, no, I don't mind friending you back. ;)
An url friend of mine had a link to this guide in her journal and naturally that lead me to read it. Have to say, it opened my eyes quite a bit; I had a few embarrassingly odd visions of gay sex before reading your guide, so thanks afor correcting them. I'd really love to read your 'Practical Lessons' too, so... mind friending me?

Also, couln't help noticing you moved to Finland recently. Tervetuloa! ;D How do you like it here?

Thanks for your comment!

Where in Finland are you?


7 years ago


7 years ago

Memlei here just linked this to me and I must say this was something amazing. Thank you for writing this! Definetly going to write the future smut in a different way than before. \:D/
And welcome to Finland btw.
Now I'm wonder if it's okay to friend you?
Hej! Of course it's okay to friend me! :)

I've been in Finland for four months now. In which town are you?


7 years ago

wow wow and wow thank you. I just got linked to this and I wish I had read it long ago when I wrote my first fic. I'd love to friend you and read your practical lesson stuff as well. and thanks again, you've hit on everything that bugs me about fic but couldn't put properly in words. cheers, rb
Thanks! :))

Can you add me please? I just found this post thanks to my friend and I would like to read the rest of it. How I could notice so far, many of your other posts are interesting as well.:)

BTW - Happy birthday! Have a nice (hot) night!
Thank you very much! *blows virtual kisses*

"worse than Cruciatus" OMG, someone actually used that? *facepalm*

"‘You’re the best thing ever happened to me… and I am thankful for that, Rose.’
‘I love you, Jack.’
‘And I love the way you suck me off, babe.’"
LMAO! OMG now that would have been a great blooper. LMAO
Thanks! :))
Thank you for your Bestiary of gay sex:)))))))))))

1. sorry for my English - I'm from Russia, what a pity.
2. I really want to thank you because most part of these stuff I know from my ex- and from my gay-friends, but some things as a feel of orgasm is such hard-to-explain-things, you know, that sometimes it's impossible to clarify that questions even if you drink your gay-friends under the table:)))
3. I suppose this FAQ is a great material for beginners, which wants to wright high-rating fics, but can't imagine real side of men's love, and use their girls imagination. you know, it's our terrible problem - all we are girls, and we think another way, it's like a man who try to wright wbout woman - most parts of their "women" aren't acts and thinks as normal women. we trying, but it's hard to be gay-man, when you're a woman:))))
4. you know, it's pretty old post, but it still intresting, OMFG!

I'm from Russia, what a pity

Being from Russia myself, I do not find coming from such a great country to be a pity.


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

hey. please friend me back. :) i'm here via griva-x
*frinds back*


Deleted comment

Thank you for your comment. If you don't mind, I would write in English here, since this is meant to be an English language journal.

*friends back*
Hi! was directed to this via a friend's post and this made me laugh out loud, in the office. and thank god no one is here to hear it lest they think i'm mad. This is very informative, yet hilarious at the same time, and easy to read.

Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
Oh, thanks! :))
heya :) I'd love to read your 'practical lessons' if you don't mind friending me back!
Oh, of course I don't mind! *friends back*
whoa! Thank you, kind sir, for putting this out there! Myself, a gay male fandom slash writer, I find it...difficult...to read some of the sex scenes in fandom because if I were to put myself in the same situations I would be...to be quite frank...turned off so completely that becoming heterosexual might seem a valid exploration.

Then again when I write sexual situations, I have a tendency to shy away from the anal bit. It's not that I'm embarrassed by it, I just don't see certain characters doing that, even if they were homosexual.

Anyway, I didn't mean to write a novel here, but in any case, thank you very much for putting a realistic twist on the unrealistic views of slash fandom! I applaud you, good sir! (and if it's alright I shall friend you so I can read the practical lessons! Very intriguing!)
Hello! Thank you for your comment! It is very funny! :))

Then again when I write sexual situations, I have a tendency to shy away from the anal bit

It would be extremely helpful if you elaborate a bit on that. And if you don't mind my being nosy... do you personally enjoy anal sex?

Anyways, I certainly don't mind becoming LJ friends! If you are interested in my somewhat later writings, you could read about my adventures in Paris:



7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Thank you for this post! I want to know more so friend me back, please!
I found you on the end of link-chain, in my friend's blog far from LJ ;-)

(I think my userpic will told you more XD
Thanks for your comment! *friends back*

I think my userpic will told you more

Sorry, I didn't catch it... what do you mean?


7 years ago

This is the most fucking useful thing I've ever read, by the way. Ever.
Would you, per chance, friend me so I may read the rest?
Thanks! *friends back*
Hey, I've stumbled over this doing some research, and I'm totally interested into reading those practical lessons. I've been writing slash for a few years now (I know, I have no life) but I still stumble into the same mistakes, so I'm always willing to learn.

Would be lovely if you could friend me back. Regards, Z.
Sure! *friends back*
Just went through your post and to the end of the comments ))
Can't believe you're from Russia!!!! )))
I stumbled over a link to your guide on diary.ru, some girls have translated a part of it apperantely ))
I'm not writing any slash, just reading TOO much QAF fanfiction ) thanks for sharing some precious first-hand experience with us, unexperienced female funfiction addicts!
Oh, thanks! XD
Found your lj via http://community.livejournal.com/glockart/42579.html#cutid1 It was a very interesting and fun read. Not to mention helpful if I ever wanted to write slash. (I mostly read it.)

I would love to read the practical lessons. Could you friend me back? :D
Hi! Sorry for not replying sooner!

Thank you for your comment and I would love to friend you back. *friends*

So, if bottom has sex a few times a week, he doesn’t need probing with fingers (unless it’s a part of prelude), and he needs only a bit of lube for better sliding (it’s quite enough to apply lube only on top’s cock).

In my fandom [Korean boyband DBSK], almost everyone thinks lube is a must, hahaha. Including me, until I read your post. :'D

So I would love to see these other f-locked posts myself. I could do with the extra info as well. I've made almost every mistake you've mentioned in my gay sex scenes and Í have written a lot so 8]]], time to get more accurate. :)
Sorry for not replying to your comment sooner!

I am glad that you found useful information in my guide. I would love to friend you back.
erm... can we be friends for the same reason?))
I'd love to have a friend like you ;)
Sure! *friends*
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